Have you ever experienced the benefits of juicing?

If not, you’re missing out.

A full list of the benefits of juicing would be far too long to list here. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits.

First, a quick look at juicing.

Juicing describes the process of turning fresh, raw fruits and vegetables into juice. To do that, a person uses a juicer (available at most department stores, starting at $100) and spends 5 or 10 minutes juicing. After a few days, a person will begin to notice the positive effects of juicing.

Juicing is fantastic for digestion. When we juice fruits and vegetables, we remove the pulp and this essentially “digests” the produce for us, leaving all the nutrients intact. When we drink fresh juice, it goes straight through our stomach and passes through our digestive system very quickly, carrying bucket loads of nutrients to all the important places.

For example, one organ that the benefits of juicing are powerful in affecting is the liver. The liver is responsibly for purifying the blood and thus has a very important job to do (among other things). When the liver functions poorly, we are left in a sorry state indeed. Our energy is low, we may become depressed and all sorts of other problems can arise. However, when we provide our liver with abundant life-giving nutrients, it responds by performing at a much higher level, elevating our energy, motivation and total sense of wellbeing.

Another one of the benefits of juicing is its profound effect on weight loss. Since fresh juices passes right through the digestive system, metabolic action is increased by the available nutrients. This means all food ends up being processed more effectively, resulting in higher weight loss gains. Many people have also experienced large weight loss results when fasting with juice.

One of my favorite benefits of juicing is simply that amazing feeling it gives you. Through juicing, I became hooked on feeling great. Rather than poison my body with all the usual stuff, I’m way more interested in pumping it full of nutrients and doing everything I can to ensure it performs at an optimal level.

Imagine waking up earlier, bursting with energy and excited about the coming day. Think about how great it would feel to increase your sense of wellbeing and imagine how many positive effects would echo throughout your life as a result.

Sound good? Then start juicing and feeling incredible.