Pregnancy is an important and wonderful time for every woman; however, it can also be extremely stressing not just because as an expectant mom you know that you require ample rest in order to properly nurture the growing baby inside your womb, but acquiring that critical sleep becomes increasingly difficult as the state of pregnancy goes on.

One excellent solution to this is to buy yourself a pregnancy body or husband pillow. These are basically full-body cushions which are specially intended to support the entire body while you slumber, easing pressure off of your back as well as helping to maintain your feet raised in order to prevent swelling. Unlike the ordinary pillows that you have in your house, maternity body pillows do not fall off a bed or budge or whatever as you sleep at night. These pillows are pretty large and are made especially to follow the contour of your body with its end portion secured properly between your knees and hips.

These days, you can find an array of pregnancy body pillows available in the market that can suit your budget. Maternity wedge pillows are actually the cheapest, which you can purchase for as low as $20. These pillows go under the midsection, taking the baby’s weight while you sleep sideways. There are also the C-shaped maternity body pillows that either curl around your front or back. Yet another variant is the giant U-shaped maternity body pillow that goes across both the back and the front. These are actually the most costly variant; however, they are also the softest and most comfortable. You can find maternity body pillows filled with memory foam as well, which easily molds itself into your particular body shape for optimum support as well as comfort.

Majority of expectant mothers who sleep at night with the help of a maternity body pillow observed that the pressure on their lower back is considerably reduced and so is the excessive swelling of their feet. After the delivery of the baby, you can make use of the body pillow for support while you nurse your little angel. As a matter of fact, these specially designed pillows can even serve as a safe and flexible playpen for your child as they reach their toddler years!

Certainly, getting yourself a maternity body pillow is an excellent choice. However, just be warned though that once you become accustomed to sleeping using these special pillows, you will have a tough time trying to sleep without it!