I really can’t get enough of pour over coffee – I know it’s the new, chic thing to be drinking – but that has nothing to do with it.

I enjoy the process a lot, the simplicity, the lack of electricity needed.  I’m really not a Luddite, I swear, I’m writing this on a laptop after all.  And yet there is something about producing high quality cups of coffee one cup at a time, using a burner on my stove, a manual conical burr grinder, and a pour over drip cone that really excites me.

The coffee is great, but without the process of brewing the cup, it would just be a cup of coffee.

The Hario v60 Ceramic Dripper

This is the pour over dripper that I use.  I ordered it online for under $20, I use it several times a day, other members of my family use it too.  It is simple to use, not as fragile as the ‘ceramic’ makes it sound, has a handle for when it’s hot from brewing coffee, and makes a phenomenal cup of joe.

The pour over coffee method has been around for hundreds of years, but it has only gained popularity in the United States in the last year or so; more and more cafes are beginning to offer to make it, which is a great way for new people to try it out, because it is inexpensive to the individual and still offers him or her the opportunity for a single serve cup of coffee made fresh on the spot.

Ease of Use

When my cat and I first started using the pour over method to make our coffee over at project vvlgar we though it would be complicated.  I mean, it had to be, to at least some extent – it wasn’t just plug and play like our drip coffee maker.  So we set up our device, ground our coffee with our Hario Skerton hand grinder, and went about making coffee.

It came out wonderfully.

It is very hard to mess up when making pour over coffee.

This is probably why we love it so much.  Not only does it offer regular folks like us the opportunity to drink fantastic java through an ancient method, it is extremely inexpensive and easy to use.  Even we don’t make a mess when we use our Hario v60 and we always make messses.

The first time you try pour over coffee you’ll ask yourself, why didn’t we start doing this earlier?