I have seen the question “where do I sell my junk silver coins?” 0n many silver bullion forums. While I have no definite answer, I sure do have a strong opinion on that statement. Why would you want to sell your silver unless you really need the money? Many people get excited when they see their silver soar in perceived value. Let’s say that you bought your junk silver coins when silver was only $18 an ounce. Next year, Silver selling at $40 an ounce. Your first thought may be that the silver has increased in value by $22 an ounce. In my opinion, what has really happened is that the US dollar has increased and supply in the free market is responding accordingly.  The free market will always prevail.  However, with world governments always trying to control things, the free market does not respond as well until the government exhausts all of their measures.

How Much Is Your Gold And Silver Worth?

If you have a basket full of items such as wheat, cotton, barrels of oil, nuts, and other commodities that are tied to the value of silver or gold, then 1 ounce of silver or gold will essentially buy the same amount of goods in that basket from year to year. An ounce of either gold or silver is always going to be worth an ounce of either respective precious metals. Silver & gold are real money. Paper currencies like the US dollar are not real money. I hate to burst your bubble, but that increase in the amount of dollars for your ounce of silver does not mean that your silver is worth anymore. It just means that your dollars are worth less.  Buy your silver for  survival purposes.  It has withstood the test of time.  Silver is dirt cheap and not real popular even though you are hearing the talking heads on the radio touting gold as the best investment vehicle.  While I think gold is great to own, I don’t consider it an investment.  It’s commodity that will retain it’s value through out the centuries.  If the country that you live has hyper-inflation, both gold and silver will still buy your groceries and gasoline for your car without ever losing value.  Load up and buy gold and silver bullion coins and you will be prepared for the next disaster, whatever that may  be.

Beat The Banks And Keep Your Silver And Gold

It will be prudent to keep your junk silver coins as a hedge against inflation. If there is a run-up on silver, then you do have a chance of making some real money on it because when the herd of people start flocking to silver, they will drive up the price and you will essentially be able to buy a more commodities in that basket of goods that I described earlier. This is all based on supply and demand.  Have some fun with the herd.  When they are buying, be a contrarian and sell.   Do the opposite of the herd and you will look smart.  You don’t even have to be smart!

Where To Get The Price For Selling Your Junk Silver Coins

So, if you really want to sell your junk silver and put that money into another hard asset, then I would advise selling your silver back to a local coin shop to save on the shipping and insurance charges that you will be paying if you sell to an online company. If you have large amounts of silver to sell, be careful that you do not sell too much to any one coin dealer because it’s going to set off red flags to the government. Any large cash transaction whatever the case is going to be scrutinized by the federal government because you may look like a terrorist, drug dealer, or an arms dealer. Keep all your receipts and document and report each transaction and you will be safe.

But if I were you, I would buy more junk silver as it is selling for a bargain when you consider it was selling in the $40’s a few months back.