It seems like everybody is paranoid about losing things, or being robbed, these days; and with more and more being on the line when a wallet lost, or information is stolen, why wouldn’t people be? With companies offering everything from identity theft protection to alarms, and every form of security in-between, it’s easy to get caught up in the worry and care of the chance of being ripped off or losing something of value. It’s interesting what we secure and save, but why do we often do so?


We secure our cars and homes with locks and alarms, our phones with digital tracking, even our computers with anti-virus software, but often we don’t secure ourselves from the possibility of our own mistakes.  How often do we fail to back up our vital documents? Leave valuable items out where they could easily be knocked over or destroyed by accident? Or even just leave the water running?  It’s interesting we lock up our valuables, but don’t protect ourselves from our own nature.


There are countless tales of valuable documents being spilled on, jewelry being lost while fishing or hunting, or cell phones left in public places. Maybe the first precautions we should take when securing our valuable items is remembering every day just how valuable they are. Maybe if more care and thought were put into protecting what we consider dear, or necessary, every day, the world would have far fewer “lost treasures.”


Sentimental Valuables


While some things are of value due to their rare nature, or great demand, most people value their items by the sentimental value they have. A broach, though originally a cheap piece of costume jewelry, may take on new meaning when handed down from a mother to a daughter.  While rare first issues of popular comics, or diamond rings, require the necessity of being locked in wall safes, it’s worth pondering why sentimental valuables which cannot be replaced don’t require the same attention.


While it would be silly to lock up the mood rings your parents gave each other while dating, it’s a wonder we can be so careless with items such as those, while putting such value on others. Does a diamond broach really have more value than the costume jewelry piece your mother gave you, when the emotions involved in them are compared? While that question is certainly subjective, it also gives food for thought.


Truly Valuable Valuables


It’s important for us to remember to be safe when we’re out and about, but it’s also important to remember to take the time to take care of ourselves and that which is on our person as we go. It’s not worth worrying about every little thing, but as we go throughout the day it’s worth noting where we set our phones, where we place our car keys, and countless other small things we value. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of losing all your contacts in your phone, or trying to find your keys when an appointment is looming. It’s funny how when we lose our keys, or misplace a phone, we can easily become as panicked as a person missing a diamond ring, or a priceless artifact.


In the end, whether we are using state-of-the-art wall safes to secure crown jewels, or just placing our mood rings in a small box on the night stand, what we value we try and keep safe. Remember that the next time you’re reading your journal next to a glass of water, or running between appointments while using your phone, because securing what we hold valuable is a simple matter indeed.


-Ryan Huff