There are lots of exercise programs being offered in the fitness market today and all of it claims to provide a well-toned body with minimal effort and two of these programs are Insanity and P90X. However, before you decide what is better P90X or Insanity. It might be necessary to look into each program first to determine which can actually provide you the results that you are looking for. In reality and based on what was relayed by those who have already tried the programs, both Insanity and P90X can provide you with the results that you are looking for. But you should know that aside from looking into the routines included in each program, it might be necessary to check the nutritional plan that comes with it. This is to make sure that you will be able to stick into the diet to help you achieve your fitness goal. For the P90X workout program, here is the nutritional plan that comes with it:

The P90X Nutrition Guide


This nutritional plan should be followed strictly and in accordance to the P90X calendar if you really want to achieve your fitness goal. The plan is divided into three different phases and has to be followed along with the fitness program. The three divisions of the P90X nutritional plan include the following:

  • Stage I: Fat Shredder: this is the first phase of the nutritional program, which is designed to help trim your body and get rid of the fats. During this stage, you will be required to consume foods that are rich in proteins alone. This aims to ensure that you are strengthening your muscles while your body shed all the excess fats to make it leaner. This phase consist of fruits and vegetables, foods high in protein and minimal amount of fats and carbohydrates and this should be followed from day 1 to 28.
  • Stage II: Energy Booster: this phase gives emphasis on increased body stamina in accordance to the intensive workout program. In this phase, your diet should consist of high proteins and carbohydrates, and less amount of fats which should be followed from day 29 to 56.
  • Stage III: Enhancer Maximizer: this is the final phase of the nutritional plan. Here, you will start combining foods that contain high amount of proteins and complex carbohydrates, but still with low amount of fats. This phase should be followed from day 57 to 90 to provide your body the energy it needs while toning and trimming it.

The nutritional plan will provide you with the list of foods that you can and cannot include in each phase. However, if you are looking for more details on the P90X nutritional plan, then you can simply visit some health and fitness blog over the internet for more information.