There are various reasons why a person may experience red dots on the skin. In many cases, red dots are not a cause for panic, but it may be best to consult a medical professional to discover the cause and ways to get rid of them. Here are some of the causes of red dots and what can be done to keep them from reoccurring.


In some cases, the causes of red dots is a small allergic reaction. A person who suddenly sees red dots on the skin without any other symptoms of illness may have eaten something to start an allergy. Another answer to the question “What are red dots on skin?” may also be due to an allergic reaction to pesticides or other chemicals that the skin has come in contact with.


Petechiae is a medical word that explains what happens when the veins begin to leak blood beneath the skin. The reasons for why this occurs may vary. Sometimes, it may be a symptom of a serious disease like leukemia or AIDS. Other times, dots may a result of aging. Unless the red dots are accompanied by a fever, there is usually no reason for concern.


In certain cases, some medicines can make red dots appear on the skin. Quinine, gold salts, aspirin, certain antibiotics, and oral diabetes drugs are known to cause this type of reaction. Chemotherapy can also lead to red dots on the skin. If medication is the problem, a doctor will most likely be able to prescribe a different form of treatment to get rid of the problem.


Some injuries are known to cause blood vessels to leak beneath the skin. This may or may not be serious. The best remedy to get rid of red dots on skin is to place ice on the affected area. This may help the dots disappear by themselves. If the dots are due to injury, they will go away with ice. Using a simple ice pack will be enough to make the go away.

Childhood Disease

In some cases, red dots may be common childhood diseases. Mumps and Chickenpox usually begin with red bumps and fever. Since these are very contagious, it may be wise to avoid contact with others until a proper diagnosis has been made. With the new vaccines that are in existence, less and less people are contacting these kinds of diseases anymore.

Having red dots on the skin is usually not a reason to panic, however, these may be a sign of a threatening illness. It may be best to see a doctor for proper diagnosis. Many times, the red dots will be explained after a person examines what was eaten for the day, what chemicals were come in contact with, or if there was any injuries that recently occurred. Red dots on the skin can be cleared away, but if the red dots persist, it is wise to have a doctor run tests for more severe causes.

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