If you’re considering becoming an estate agent, then you should know a little more about what people think about them, before making a decision to take on the job. Unfortunately, many people dislike estate agents simply because of their work attitude and how they deal with their customers. This is usually caused by their desire to make as high commission as possible out of every single deal.

While there are genuine estate agents out there, it is true that a big number of estate agents like to practice often silly tactics just to make a profit every time. Quite obviously, this kind of work attitude does no good to the reputation of professional estate agents who do their job to find the right buyer for their customers.

So what is it that “bad” estate agents do that causes people to hate them? I think the most popular move is when try to sell a house for a higher price, when a sale has already been agreed with another buyer. Imagine that you agreed to buy a house, but then suddenly you get a call from an agent saying that he found another person who’s willing to pay more. How would you feel?

Similarly, say you’re selling a house, but not sure how much you should price it. So you decide to ask for estate agent’s help, but instead of giving you a realistic up to date price, he undervalues your property and sells it for a quick commission, while you end up getting a lot less for your property, than you should. A classic rip-off and a perfect reason to do your own research regarding the prices, before referring to estate agency companies.

Another method that unreliable estate agents like to practice is to try to sell a house for an unrealistically high price, meaning they ignore lower offers from potential buyers just for the sake of making a higher commission. So you end up wasting time thinking that your property is worth more that you first thought, while in reality your estate agent simply wants to make more money.

As you can see, there are a few ways how estate agents cheat to make as much cash as possible, but hopefully after reading this article you’ll pay more attention to your estate agent when you decide to let/sell your property. To find excellent estate agents Liverpool, check this out.