Safety signs have one particular purpose- to help keep you safe. Naturally, they cannot do that by themselves. We have to follow them because they are not there just for decorations.

The most common form of safety sign is most likely those which could be observed on the roads. The majority of these are permanent fixture which alerts drivers to conditions that they will face ahead of the road. Although there are also road safety signs that can be removed or transferred.

As an example; traffic cones and parking signs warn drivers of obstructions, diversions and also other obstacles on the road that might or may possibly not be visible from the driver’s seat. A lot of automobiles carry one in the case of emergency – a hazard sign that may be deployed to alert motorists to an accident or broken down car.

Aside from the traffic cones, another important road safety sign is the speed limit warning. This is because not all people are aware that they are driving too fast; or they think that they are still in a normal speed. The danger here is that there may be barriers ahead and that they could no longer control their cars when they need to make a sudden stop.

During rainy and snowy seasons, roads can be slippery, thus posing a threat on our lives whenever we drive. In fact, even if we just walk on the sidewalks, we can slip there. That is why, it is important that we should be cautious in reading signs so that we can avoid accidents.

Another common yet often disregarded road safety sign is the pedestrian lane. Some people would basically cross the street without using it which would put them in imminent danger just as so they are putting in danger the lives of the drivers that drive on the same street. On the other hand, there are also drivers who do not give respect to pedestrian lanes. They do not stop and let the people cross the street. Sad to say this is common especially on high traffic areas such as school and crossings.

Needless to say, road safety signs are there not because they add aesthetic beauty to a place. They are basically there to give us warnings of the possible dangers. That is why it best to follow them to free us from accidents that may injure or could even kill us.