When it comes to hand crafted shoes, people who have interest in fashion go crazy. Handmade shoes have their own place in the fashion world. A certain set of people only buy handmade shoes. All in all, it is safe to say that hand crafted shoes carry a whole new meaning as compared to regular shoes when it comes to the fashion world. At the top of the pile of European handmade shoes, Ilse Jacobsen have cemented their place.

Ilse Jacobsen have been making shoes for more than eighteen years now and they are a class of their own. The splendor of Copenhagen and the Danish heritage reflects richly in their products. It gives out an essence of quality which cannot be found in bulk made shoes at factories.

Why is Ilse Jacobsen such a special brand in the market?

Ilse Jacobsen have a large variety in products whose quality and style are unmatched. Their competitors are merely playing the catching game. They are way ahead in the market. If you walk into a store with Ilse Jacobsen products, you can expect to find everything ranging from elegant formal shoes to Ilse Jacobsen short rain boots.

A lot of skill and technical ability is required in making these shoes. Workers at Ilse Jacobsen seem to have mastered the craft. The concentration on little details is immaculate. You have to buy a pair for yourself to see its magical effect.

The ‘respect’ element for Ilse Jacobsen probably comes from their integrity in using eco friendly material. Harmful chemicals are strictly banned from Ilse Jacobsen recipe. They have started an awareness campaign, which tells us how much we can save nature just by careful.

The Ilse Jacobsen rain boots

Like other products Ilse Jacobsen offer, their rain boots are also artistic and aesthetically desirable. There are three different styles in Ilse Jacobsen rain boots:

  • Rub 2 – The ankle high boots
  • Rub 15 – The mid calf boots
  • Rub 1 – The long boots

Rub 2 – The ankle high boots:

If you are the type who person who enjoys doing tiresome physical activates then the rub 2 ankle high boots are perfect for you. These shoes are intended for those who like to run, jog, hike and walk rigorously – in other words, people who like to take it to the extreme. These shoes are fully waterproof and are practically impenetrable. They are durable and long lasting.

Rub 15 – The mid calf boots:

For those who like to walk with lightweight shoes, this boots will surprise you. They are not only light, they actually makes the process of walking and running lighter. They have the ability to store air bubbles between their soles. This distributes the weight that is put on the feet when a person is walking or running. Walking and running is not a tiresome activity anymore.

Rub 1 – The long boots:

The long boots by Ilse Jacobsen are very elegant as long boots in general are. The Ilse Jacobsen long boots are made out of one hundred percent genuine leather. They are heavy, sturdy and elegant. The Ilse Jacobsen long boots is one of the most desirable products in any person’s closet.