For those women who need a cosmetic product that gives light to medium coverage, The Loreal Bare naturale range is a great choice. Many women who use some sort of acne treatment for example will enjoy this range due to the fact that it will not give a ‘caked on’ effect on areas that have been treated with a topical acne medication. You will also find that it will not roll into balls like some liquid makeup products can.

Protection from sun exposure is another benefit of the Loreal Bare Naturale range. It is the perfect choice for a summer makeup for those who suffer with incidental sun exposure on occasions. On top of this it helps to control shine (another problem during the summer months) while remaining breathable and light weight in nature. To help improve how kind the products are to your skin they are also free from any unnatural ingredients including perfumes and oils which may lead to outbreaks of dry skin or spots.

The packaging is great for those who travel a lot, the screw on cap means it will not open up during transit allowing the contents to spill like many other products are known to do. Also, located inside the lid is a convenient foundation brush which is covered over with an extra dome shaped lid to keep the foundation brush away from the makeup and clean. Less mess when you are on the move and perhaps don’t have access to a wash basin.

The jar is small, weighing in at only 1 once of foundation but this is likely a good thing for those looking to try out Bare Naturale for the first time. Even this small amount however is enough to last a few months depending on how much coverage the user desires. Although you may think this is a very small amount of makeup, in all fairness the price does reflect the amount of the product that you receive.

Loreal Bare Naturale may not be the perfect choice for every woman; if you are in need of greater coverage due to blemished or discolored skin then you may need to search out something else in a liquid form to give you the coverage you need. For those who want to try out a mineral foundation for the first time and do not have these problems then this range of mineral foundation products would be a good place to start out.