All athletes want to improve their performance and optimize their workout routines. Baseball pitchers fill one of the most crucial positions on a baseball team. Without a high quality pitcher, a baseball team has little chance of winning games. As with any workout routine, pitching workouts should be a complete conditioning program designed to improve all the skills needed for a successful pitch. Whether a pitcher is looking to increase pitching velocity, add more force to their pitch, or simply to stay in peak physical condition, a well rounded pitching workout is essential. Good pitching workouts include working on technical and tactical training. However, a good pitching workout program should also include flexibility training and, more importantly, strength training.

There are many components to a good pitch. Flexibility in the rotator cuff and shoulders are needed. Stability and strong foot and leg placement are essential and strong muscles are needed to apply maximum force to the ball. Strength training can help to improve a baseball pitchers ability in all these areas. Baseball pitchers must have a complete conditioning program if they want to achieve success on the baseball field. Strength training is a very important part of overall athletic fitness. Muscles are what make your body move. Without strong muscles an athlete will never be able to perform at their best. It is important for baseball pitchers to include strength training as a part of their pitching workouts. Muscle strength means better endurance, increased flexibility, and more force applied to the ball.

Strength training involves using resistance or weights to work a muscle group. Comprehensive pitching workouts should include a well balanced strength training plan that focuses on all the muscle groups needed during pitching. Arms, legs, back, shoulders, and stomach should all be regularly worked out. Muscle strength is the foundation of all other pitching abilities. To achieve the perfect arm swing, drive, posture and force, strong healthy muscles are needed. Strength training as part of a baseball workout does not need to be complicated. Often times the simplest exercises give the best results. Fancy exercise machines are unnecessary. Using free weights and body resistance are the best methods for pitchers to increase muscle strength.

Engaging in exercises that works more than one muscle group at a time is the fastest way to achieve results. Doing squats while holding a weighted bar is an excellent pitching exercise. This works out the pitchers legs, back, shoulders, and core all while challenging the players stability. Exercises that strength the rotator cuff are also essential. Perhaps nothing contributes more to an effective pitch than the shoulders. Strong shoulders are absolutely essential to a high velocity pitch. Including rotator cuff exercises in a pitching workout will increase pitching velocity and prevent injury. Preventing injury is a major concern for baseball pitchers. Pitching means that the play is engaged in a repetitive action for most of the game.

This can be damaging to the muscles if they are not properly worked out. Strengthening the muscles will help to prevent injury and keep the player healthy and in the game. There are many different pitching workouts designed to improve pitching skill and increase pitching velocity. A pitchers workout will vary during the season and off season. Off season workouts should focus on building up muscle strength while in season work outs focus more on maintaining muscle strength and over all fitness. It is good to add variety to a pitching workout so that the muscles are constantly being challenged. Strength training is am important aspect of a pitching workout and one that should not be over looked.