I started a business just about three years ago. When I started the business, I started it from my home. The business was a law firm. I’m a DUI attorney. When I started, I had a couple of ideas in mind for marketing the business, but I didn’t necessarily pursue all of them. That decision has led to where I am today. And I wanted to tell you a little bit about it so you wouldn’t make the same mistake.

The title of this article could have easily been “Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket.”It’s my story about relying on one marketing avenue – internet marketing – too heavily. I became complacent with my other marketing strategies, and now I’m forced to scramble. Here are just a couple of the lessons I learned.

Marketing Diversity Prevents Slow Downs

If you know anything about marketing, you know that Google, from time to time, updates the way in which they decide which website are ranked in which places. For a long time, when you searched Seattle DUI attorney or some variation thereon, I was at the top of the list, and it brought me a lot of business.

Because that was easy, I didn’t focus as much as I should have on diversifying my marketing channels. That poor decision cost me dearly when Google updated their algorithm and my business tanked. If I’d focused more on diversifying my marketing efforts, losing ground on a Google search for DUI attorneys wouldn’t have affected my business nearly as much.

Marketing Diversity Makes You More Money

It’s no secret that people own businesses to make money. Many people also start businesses to help people. Those are the two reasons I opened my law firm. The great thing about marketing is that it allows you to meet both of your goals. More people want to use your services, so you get to help more people and make more money. It’s a win win for everyone.

And that’s exactly what marketing diversity does. For example, for some people, when they want a DUI lawyer, they turn to the internet. Others ask friends and family. Others use other methods to find what they are looking for. And still others utilize the information given to them because of their circumstances (we’re talking direct mail here). The more channels you can be a part of, the more people you can reach.

Think about it like this. Let’s say one day Google decides you are number four for your keyword instead of number 1. That’s going to result in a significant loss of business from Google. But, if you’ve got business coming in from direct mail, you’ve got business coming in from referrals, and you’ve got business coming in from a radio campaign you’re doing that loss from Google doesn’t sting as much – and you have the time to do the work to get back on top where you belong.

Whether you are starting a business that you’ll run out of your home forever or a DUI defense law firm like I did, the way you market your business is going to determine your success or failure. Don’t be a failure. Diversify.

About Me – Like I’ve already said, I’m a Seattle DUI attorney that likes to talk about starting a business just as much as I like to talk about the law. If you’d like to know more about me, please check out my website and my DUI blog.