There are few appliances that are more devastating to lose than an air conditioning unit in the heat of summer. Losing an air conditioner can not only lead to significant misery but can also lead to potential health problems.

Surviving the Heat

Those who are suffering through a heat wave should try to drink as much fluids as possible. The human body will perspire and will lose many fluids. The best way to replace these fluids is to drink water, though any fluid that does not have a diuretic will help. Additionally, people should try to find a public place that has air conditioning, such as a store or a library. Even a few hours out of the heat can help people cope better when they are forced back into the heat. The more serious health issues that result from excessive heat usually come in two days, so people who feel they can cope with the heat have not yet experienced the worst symptoms.

For those who have basements, consider spending time in the basement to cope with the heat. Keeping the blinds closed can help keep the home cooler by preventing the sun from warming up the home. Homeowners should also avoid actions that can increase the home temperature, such as turning on the oven or stove. Homeowners should call an air conditioning repairman to get the air conditioning up and running as soon as possible. Once the air conditioning has been repaired, it is important that homeowners engage in the necessary central air conditioning maintenance procedures to ensure that the air conditioner does not break down again.

Maintaining an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners should only be used when it is hot outside. Using the air conditioner excessively will place strain on the motor, and some air conditioners will eventually fail. Also, not cleaning the air filters will put strain on the air conditioner and increase the risk that it will fail. Homeowners should regularly clean their air conditioner, including the evaporator coils, to keep the air conditioner functioning properly. Additionally, homeowners should consider hiring a company that specializes in central air conditioning maintenance to make sure that the air conditioning unit continues to function properly. This will prevent homeowners from having an unpleasant surprise when they fire up the air conditioner in the summer.

Finding a Maintenance Company

The Internet is useful for finding the best central air conditioning maintenance companies because the user can check reviews of the company to get a sense of how the other customers feel. Users can also quickly head over to the Better Business Bureau to determine if the air conditioning company has any complaints and whether the company responded to these complaints. The company should have a NATE certification, which indicates that the company is committed to continuing education and is familiar with the latest central air conditioning maintenance techniques.

Choose Based On Experience and References

While it might be tempting to choose the central air conditioning maintenance company that has the lowest price, this company will not necessarily have enough experience to do a good job. For this reason, it is important to instead choose an air conditioning company that has a lot of experience and can also provide adequate references.

Hire an Air Conditioning Maintenance Company Sooner Rather Than Later

It is better to hire an air conditioning maintenance company than to hire an emergency air conditioning repair company. When the air conditioning unit fails, the owner will be in a position of desperation and will have to quickly find a company. However, with air conditioning maintenance, the owner is in a position where he or she can be picky on choosing the best company.