Congratulations! You have met the love of your life and you have decided to get married. The date for the wedding is set, and you know that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. But there are loads of other details to sort out, and sometimes it is hard to remember all of them. To help you, here is a basic checklist to remind you of the questions you need to ask yourself and what you need to think about. Obviously, everyone has their own situations, so the items listed here are more like broad categories. The smaller, more personal details can be filled in later.

The wedding ceremony venue. Where do you want to get married? If it is to be a religious wedding, you need to book the church/synagogue/mosque, and if not, you need to think of a venue for the ceremony. Are you interested in a hotel, riverbank, or even your own back garden? Some places of worship have their own hall for the banquet afterwards, but if not, you will also need to book one. This category also includes getting in touch with the clergyman who will be officiating.

Clothing – not just the wedding dress, but also the groom’s suit. If there are going to be bridesmaids and maids of honor, you also need to decide what they will be wearing as well.

The color scheme and layout of the hall. This is extremely important. Is there any specific décor that appeals to you? Do you want traditional lace and orange blossom, or are you looking for something less conventional? You need to plan the fine details, down to the table settings and wedding centerpieces because these will add to the atmosphere of the whole event. Speak to the caterer and your wedding planner. Alternatively, you will find many centerpiece ideas on line. Working out exactly how to set the table can actually be fun as it will get your creative juices flowing.

Similarly, plan the program of the wedding banquet before it actually takes place. Do you want live music? Is a DJ sufficient, or do you want a live band as well? What about speeches? How many? Make sure to discuss with your speakers the length of their speeches and when they will be called upon beforehand to make sure that things go smoothly.

The menu. Discuss with the caterer exactly how many courses you want and what they will be. What kind of drinks do you want? Will alcoholic beverages be included?

How many guests are you planning for? Print and/or email invitations well in advance. Are you inviting some of your guests only for dessert and cake, and others for the entire meal, or are all of your guests invited to the whole wedding banquet?

The convention used to be to draw up a formal seating plan, but in recent years many weddings have been made without one. Which would you prefer?

Don’t forget to buy the ring! And make sure that your best man knows where he has put it and what time to turn up!

Most of all, relax. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life.