Writing well doesn’t come easy to everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be learned. An individual who has been instructed to write an essay, or who would like to for whatever reason, may find that the easiest way to do so is to be formulaic about it. Sometimes writing systematically is the best approach to writing, especially for someone who is having trouble, whether because they are experiencing writer’s block or don’t write particular well. A quality essay contains many of the same components. They are the introduction, thesis, body and conclusion. Including each of these elements will increase the likelihood that the final product is worth reading.

The introduction portion of the essay is where an individual introduces the topic to the reader. This part of the essay needs to be interesting because it is where the reader’s attention is either captured or it’s not. If the writer fails to engage the reader, it will be difficult to do so later in the on. The introduction should also include a brief description of what information will be included in the essay. This little roadmap is very helpful to the reader and will help shape their expectations.

The thesis of an essay follows the introduction. This is one of the most important portions of an essay. It needs to include the writer’s position on whatever matter they will be discussing in the essay. It is important to offer supports for ones thesis in the body of the essay, which comes next.

The body of an essay is where writers support everything that they’ve written prior to this point. It should include lots of detail, be well-thought out and engaging. Most of the information a person has compiled from their research, on whatever subject they are writing about, should be included in this section.

The conclusion is where everything comes together. Writers will want to summarize all of the points they’ve made and then conclude the article. This section typically isn’t very long. In the majority of cases, individuals will be able to properly and adequately conclude their essay in about three to five sentences. Too much more than then that may be overkill. The conclusion should be nice, tight and neat. If an individual drones on and on, they are likely to bring up additional points or topics that will need to be expanded upon, further and needlessly elongating the article.