Fetching the highest price for scrap gold is something I have been writing about a lot at Gold Deputy. Looking at the current prices of silver and gold makes my eyes constantly bulge out of their sockets. I mean, it is no surprise at all that folks are suddenly leaping into their storage areas to look for the old jewelry that grandma and grandpa may have left behind. Sometimes people pull goods that are worth hundreds of dollars. But it is not just about finding scrap gold and selling it. It is about finding it and then getting the best price for selling gold jewelry that you can. There are some pretty straightforward strategies to accomplish this.

It’s All Business

If you have a goodly amount of gold jewelry in your inventory, then you may just be in the position to start a scrap gold selling business, as opposed to just finding a couple of items and selling them on EBay. Even if you start with just a couple of items to auction off, you may discover that the taste of profit is just too good, and this may ignite your entrepreneurial instincts.

One of the great things about running an online business is that the overhead is almost always going to be a fraction of what a brick and mortar store will be. The big challenge is not building the website, but rather it is about getting unique visitors there and convincing them that you are the real deal. Keep in mind that consumers are more likely to trust a professional site that ranks well when they do a search for something like “buy gold online.” You at least want your site to be in the top five. So, how does one do that?

Be Unique, Offer Better Prices, and They Will Come

The key to getting those unique visitors to your site is going to be a two-pronged approach. To start, put up unique content that is keyword rich, so that your site is more likely to turn up in an internet search. Since most people will only spend a few seconds at a website they do not yet trust, you have to have features that will impel them to stick around and buy some gold jewelry.

In addition to writing unique content that will help search engine ratings, you also want to publish unique content about gold jewelry elsewhere online, being sure to include backlinks. Backlinks will not only help users find your site, but it will also tell Google that your URL is appearing elsewhere around the internet. As your site gains authority with Google you will watch your visits go up. They may even start to stick around for a while.

A clever way to build customer confidence is to sell smaller pieces for very cheap. Make buying from you as low risk as possible. All it takes is a couple of repeat customers and the folks they suggest visit your site, and you may find yourself with a customer base quite suddenly. The more visitors you get to the site, the more authority it grants you. The more authority your site gets, the better it ranks. You can see where this is going, right?

Follow the Steps to Success!

So, if you want to eventually get the highest price for scrap gold out of your sales, then follow the above steps I have described. Again, I have become increasingly interested in old gold jewelry, and at Gold Deputy it is one of my favorite things to write about. Using old gold jewelry sales is your gateway into gold investing, and it does not even need to cost an arm and a leg. With some elbow grease and tenacity, you can quickly be on your way to making some fantastic profits from the ever increasing worth of gold. Good luck, and get ready to make some money!