Ever wondered what helps you to walk briskly! It’s what your feet are covered with. Unless they offer the needed support to your feet and the comfort one looks forward to while walking, particularly long distances, it gets a painful irritating experience.
Here’s a special kind of a sandal that you might have been looking for since long. This flip-flop is designed to give the exactly required arch support.

These sandals are designed to give special comfort to both the sexes. Its main feature that heightens the feeling of comfort is the provision of a built in 16 millimeter arch supports. This support, apart from other benefits offers the kind of relaxation that you look forward to.

It comes with a top cover with full grain. In particular, you’ll appreciate the comfort provided by its leather straps that are especially lined for added ease. And, that’s not all for it has firm yet the mid and out soles made from flexible rubber EVA.  Do not mistake these  specially designed footwear for regular beach footwear like Adidas sandals. You won’t get as much support with the usual beach flip flops, you should be aware of that.

The secret of this flip-flop that causes it to rule the market is that an Archy Sandal comes with a built in contoured foot bed that makes it the number one favorite of people for the feeling it gives to the wearer. You just need to try it once and feel it for yourself. You are sure to like it!

These sandals are so light and comfortable that you wouldn’t feel that you are wearing them, whichever way you like to walk. You may even like to run with the comfort they provide. It just doesn’t occur to you that you have something down below at your feet making you feel as if you were walking on bare legs al the while.