A plant that looks fantastic in virtually any garden is the sea green juniper. This plant is also very easy to take care of. This plant is known primarily for its amazing color, and it was first cultivated in China. During the summer and spring, the leaves on this plant will change to a pale green color. During the winter and fall, the leaves will change to an evergreen hue. As beautiful as it is, this plant is only three feet tall, and it is also used commonly to line garden paths. Some people use these plants to give their garden structure, and others use a single plant to add some unique style. These trees have been commonly used to create tree mazes because they are very sturdy. Juniper trees also keep their foliage throughout the entire year. The sea green juniper is normally too short to create a tree maze.

Sea green juniper is much easier to plant than most people might think. All that is needed is a hole to place the shrub into. Sea green juniper actually grows best when placed in full sunlight, but the juniper tree will grow in shade as well. It is important to place your juniper tree in an area that has at least a little bit of sunshine because the plant will not thrive without at least a little bit of sunlight. The juniper plant is known for spreading to as much as six feet wide, and this is why the plant will not grow very tall. The width of this plant is why it is used to line gardens and for hedge building. Juniper trees are also pruned fairly easily. A lot of people like to plant juniper trees very close, and later they will cut all of the trees into special shapes.

Most juniper trees will be sold in a nursery pot. It is important to measure the pot that the tree is planted in before you start transplanting the plant. You need to dig a hole that is almost exactly the same size as the pot. The hole should be about three times the total circumference of the pot. After the hole has been dug, you need to take the plant out and place it in the center of the hole. Fill the hole in with the dirt that was dug out to create it. Give the juniper tree food and water after it has been planted. It should be watered until the ground stops absorbing the water. Spread some mulch around the plant about six inches away from the trunk of the plant.

There are some easy ways that you can make the most out of your new juniper plant. This plant is very versatile and can be used in many different ways inside of a garden. It is important to remember that this plant can grow quite wildly, and it will grow out of control quickly. Pruning can be used to keep your juniper under control. Allow twigs to grow through June before you begin to prune them. Once you have owned it for some time, you will understand just how beautiful the sea green juniper really is.

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