Nobody wants to receive a badly-designed, poorly-made business card, so make sure that your cards are the sort that will bring a delighted smile to everyone who sees and receives them. Business cards should be of high quality, which means that not only should they feature perfect spelling and punctuation, they should also be beautifully designed in a style that will convey what you and your business is all about. Try one or more of the style ideas below to help your cards look not just of topnotch quality but also striking and unique.

Know what cheap business cards really are.
When you think of describing a cheap business card, you will naturally think of one that’s made from thin, flimsy paper and is also carelessly designed. Avoid this as much as possible, and remember that cheapness lies in quality, not price. For example, if you’ve won a deal with a printing company to get batches of business cards at a reduced cost or for free, these cards will be cheap, but they won’t look cheap if you design them properly and if you get them in plastic.
That’s right, plastic business cards are really the most practical of all styles. Think about it. Not a single plastic card out of a whole batch can be easily wrinkled, smudged, dirtied, or even get wet and crumpled. Granted, plastic business cards do make you may pay more at the beginning, but in the end you will definitely save more since every single plastic card is practically immune to folds, dirt and wetness and can then find its way to the hands of a new friend or business acquaintance. Most printing companies offer plastic business card printing, and because of the surge in competition, pretty soon you will be able to get plastic cards at prices as low as those made from paper.

Good style is not a plain style.
With business cards, you cannot pick out a plain black and white design and try to pass it off as elegant or professional, for your cards will only look dull and uninteresting and as if you don’t care enough to make them look more attractive. Full color business card printing is available in most printing companies, and when you consider that the standard business card dimensions are less than four by three inches, you definitely won’t be spending too much extra money, and using the right colors will also make your cards appear more special and memorable. Experiment with various shades and even creative touches like foil or metallic colors, and your business cards won’t just be high quality but also attractive and very helpful for you and your business.