Spy pen recorders are basically digital video – audio gadgets which are ingeniously disguised in order to resemble that of an excellent writing instrument. The spy pens typically sold in the market these days feature a very small, wide-angle camera lens that is normally located along the pen’s pocket clip, aside from a built-in microphone on the pen’s barrel. These gadgets are powered by tiny, circular batteries, just like those utilized to power wristwatches. The pen can be pulled apart into two pieces; thus revealing a USB connector that you can plug into the USB slot of your PC for downloading or viewing your covert surveillance.

How to Operate A Spy Voice Recorder;

1.) Place the software CD, which comes together with the spy pen upon purchase, into the CD tray of your PC. Close the CD tray in order to automatically run the disc. Click all of the buttons on-screen when asked to install the software and then reboot your PC.

2.) Slip the mini recording device into the pocket of your shirt and make sure that the clip of the pen is outside of your pocket and is facing forwards. Stand or sit facing towards the direction that you wish to capture or record. If you plan to sit down, just make it sure that your subject is also seated or else, you only get to capture a fraction of the view because of the camera lens’ typically limited range.

3.) Press the top part of the pen, which is essentially the on – off button of the device, in order to start recording audio and video. Press the button again if you want to discontinue recording. A new audio – video file is made with every press of the start – stop button and you can do this whenever you please, or up until you have already used up all of the memory storage capacity of your spy pen recorder.

4.) Once you are done recording, take the device out of your pocket and then gently pull on the top and lower part of the device to take them apart and reveal the USB connector.

5.) Plug the device’s USB connector onto any USB slot on your PC. Your PC will automatically recognize the gadget after the installation of its software. Use the interface of the software on your PC screen in order to browse and view the various video – audio files that were captured by your pen recorder.