If brewing coffee with a single cup cone coffee filter has never crossed your mind, perhaps now is a good time to try your hand at it. Compared to the automatic drip coffee machines such as the Bunn coffee makers, the manual brewing methods requires more time and effort. However, they are actually quite fun and nothing beats the satisfaction of enjoying a cup of tasty self brewed coffee.

The main reason why I recommend you to start with the single cup coffee filters is because they are very easy to use and they are available at very low prices. Hence, there is practically no risk involved. In this article, we will be sharing some tips on using the coffee filters to brew a good cup of coffee.

The first step is to fold the coffee filter to fit it into the cone holder. You need to pour some hot water into the filter to warm it up, as well as to remove any other paper flavors in the filter. As for the coffee, you will need to prepare the fine ground coffee and add three tablespoon of it into the warmed up coffee filter. Now, we can move on to the water. The water need to be boiled in an electric kettle so that we know the exact boiling temperature. As the optimal brewing temperature is around the range of ninety degrees, you need to wait for one minute after the water boils to cool down the temperature to the nineties region.

When you are pouring the water into the filter, do it in a spiraling motion to extract the coffee flavor evenly. These are basically all the required steps, and now, you just need to wait for your coffee cup to be filled.

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