Fashion enthusiasts always follow trends. These trends are normally set by celebrities who set themselves apart from the rest. They wear something and thousands follow. This is how it works. Recently, many famous hip hop kings such as Jay Z, Kanye West and Big Sean have been spotted wearing unique snakeskin strapback hats. These are regular baseball caps with one difference. Their brims are made of snakeskin. They are called snakeskin strapback hats.  Endorsement from the hip hop kings and some other sports stars have made snakeskin strapbacks hats very popular.

Snakeskin Strapback Hats: Who is Responsible for their Popularity?

In many people’s opinion Kanye West is the man who made snakeskin strapbacks popular. They say he is the inventor. Close enough, but they are wrong. Kanye West is not the inventor of snakeskin strapback hats. It was his manager who came up with this brilliant idea, none other than the famous Don C. Don C is the market leader in these hats. Many people say that he has the collection of strapback hats. Although there are other companies, Don C has a unique touch.

The first snakeskin strapback hat was not a commercial product. It was made as a gift for a celebrity. For some time at the start, these hats were only made on order for specific people. Gradually snakeskin strapbacks became a popular product which captured the market. Today, faux snakeskin strapbacks are made in bulk, but you can also have a custom made strapback hat if you are willing to pay a little extra.

How are Snakeskin Strapback Hats Made?

Snakeskin strapback hats are made out of a real snake’s skin. There are many snakes that are used but the most common choice is the Indonesian python. This beautiful animal has a desirable skin which can make a wonderful brim for a baseball cap.

There is a whole process which the skin goes through. First the snake is killed and its skin is peeled off. The experts then dry the skin and add some chemicals. When the skin is ready, it is sent to the manufacturers. The manufacturers turn these skins into magnificent snakeskin strapbacks. The most common buyers of these snakeskins are RSVP, Don C and Mitchell and Ness.

Snakeskin Strapbacks and Animal Cruelty

There are some controversies which have come up regarding making snakeskin snapback hats. Many individuals and companies have raised questions over making the caps. They believe that it is unfair to kill animals just to carry out our fashion demands. Some even say that the snake is skinned alive. To make matters more serious, the Indonesian python is unfortunately an endangered species.

There is always an alternative option. Designers have come up with the exact replicas of these hats, only that the actual skin is not used and no animal has to die. They make fabric look like it is a snakeskin.

Prices of snakeskin strapback hats

The official list price of a snakeskin strapback hat is $400. It is a fashionable product which is going to cost you considerably. If you are tight on budget you can always look for second hand strapbacks online. They are almost as good as new.