You don’t always have to empty your wallet if you want to make valuable changes to your home.  Landscaping is one thing that requires a little bit of elbow grease, but shouldn’t run you a lot of money.  The difference that it makes to the outside of your house can be quite dramatic.  When it comes to the inside of your house, there are some DIY projects that you can decide to do that will have a positive effect on both your home décor and on your bank account.

The kitchen is typically referred to as the focal point of the home.  It makes sense because, even if you don’t spend many hours each day cooking in it, you probably spend a decent amount of time there eating your meals, paying bills, and talking around the table with family and friends.  Just the fact that this is a space that gets a lot of traffic, making changes here is a good place to concentrate your efforts.

One area of your kitchen that will benefit with a little effort on your part is the backsplash area.  The homeowner has a lot of flexibility in this area of the kitchen because there are endless backsplash options.   One of these options which has become very popular lately is metal.  You can buy sheets of stainless steel, copper, pewter, tin, and other metals that can be easily cut with tin snips and affixed with cement.  One great thing about these metal sheets is that you can even cover an existing backsplash which prevents you from having to tear out the old one.  Washable paint and textured wallpaper are other great DIY choices.  It is important that the paint is washable because the backsplash area borders the stove which is an area known for grime and grease.  Another rather novel option is cork which can be applied in a backsplash area which will instantly give you a place to hang pictures and notes.  The best thing about the backsplash is that it is a small area and it is one that a homeowner can complete in an afternoon without any outside help.

Another great enhancement you can make to the kitchen space is to install soft close cabinet hardware.  We always had banging cabinets in our kitchen until we found these small adaptors that are added to the top inside corner of each cabinet.  All it takes is to insert one small screw and you can make a simple adjustment of the hardware so that the cabinet closes at the proper rate to prevent any noise at all.  We were flabbergasted at how cheap they were to buy and how quickly we installed them.  It is hard to explain the significance of this kitchen improvement.  And, once again, we didn’t have to hire anyone to install them!

If you are willing to do some of the work yourself, you can save money and still make big improvements in your kitchen.  You’ll be proud of your accomplishments and you’ll still have plenty of money for that new refrigerator you’ve had your eyes on!