Saltwater surf fishing is a challenging but unique method of fishing.  This type of fishing requires patience and an adventurous spirit as the surf conditions can change from light breeze to stormy weather in minutes. As a results, you must learn how to adapt to these conditions to be successful at it.  Surf casting is done from shores and requires anglers to cast their bait past the surf which can range from 20 to 50 meters from shore.  Due to the tough fishing environment, surf fishing reels and rods are built with durable materials such as fiberglass and graphite, and high quality metals.

Many new surf anglers who prefer to use their fresh water rods and reels for saltwater surf fishing will quickly found out that their gear can not stand up to the salt and sand.   It is best to invest in good quality saltwater reels and rods from the start and the gear will pay dividend down the road.  A good surf reel should be made of steel or aluminum casing and the internal parts are weather sealed from the corrosive salt.  The spool should be large enough to handle at least 250 meters of 15 pound test line.   If the reel comes with an extra spool, it is a good idea to load it with different test line so you change your line quickly.  Many seasoned surf anglers prefer to use sand spikes to rest their fishing rods and reels to keep away from the sand and saltwater.  There are many companies that manufacture surf reels such as Penn, Cabelas, Daiwa, Shimano, Akuma and many others. Their prices are between $120 and up to $800.

When pick your surf fishing reel, it is essential to try it with your chosen rod to make sure that combo feels balance when casting.  Visit your local shop and try out different brands, models and ask the staffs for advice if you are still not sure about your selection.  Good luck.