Whether you rent or purchase your carpet shampoo machine really doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you have access to a carpet shampoo machine so that you can clean your carpets on a regular basis. If you want the carpeting in your home to look good, then you will need to shampoo your carpets regularly. There are reasons that you might want to rent a carpet shampooer when it is needed and there are reasons that you might want to buy your own. The choice depends on some of the issues we will discuss here.

The first reason that you might rent or buy a carpet shampooer is because of the cost. In some circumstances it will cost less to rent and in other sit will cost less to buy. If you shampoo your carpets once every quarter then you will probably spend as much money as it costs to buy a carpet shampooer like the Electrolux shampoo machine on rentals in less than two years. The life expectancy of a carpet shampooer is much more than two years, so it makes more sense to buy than to rent. However, if you only shampoo once a year, then it would take six to eight years to spend as much as you would on purchasing a carpet shampooer. Your purchases carpet shampooer would be out of date before you recoup your investment so renting makes more sense in that situation.

A second reason that you might decide to buy a carpet shampooer or not is that you do or do not have the room to store one. Most carpet shampoo machines are a little bit bigger than a vacuum cleaner and pretty heavy. It is not a small task to find a place to store a piece of cleaning equipment this large in your home. Many homes are already overcrowded and there just isn’t room for a carpet shampooer even if it does make economic sense to buy one. In these circumstances, renting a carpet shampoo machine is the only option.

A reason that you might buy instead of rent, however, is if the people in your household are extremely prone to spills. Spills that are addressed quickly by shampooing carpet with a carpet shampooer are much more likely to be removed successfully without staining. If you let a spill sit for a long time like the time between carpet shampoo machine rentals then it will work its way down deep into the carpet fibers and maybe even the carpet pad underneath. If that happens it is much harder to get the stain out. In the interest of keeping your carpet looking new for as long as possible, it is a good idea to purchase your own carpet shampooer so that you can address stains quickly.