Being unable to do your job due to a disability or a decapitating illness can hurt your chances of being able to provide for your family, especially if you will be out for action for a long period of time. Unless you have been covered with long term disability insurance, the effects of these unforeseen events can be a major financial disaster that puts you and your loved ones in a terrible position to be in. Protecting yourself from any financial shortfall, as well as minimizing occupational hazards, shall be a priority, and the best way to get started is as early as possible.

So what does long term disability insurance really provide? The insurance plan covers a policyholder with a stable and steady income for a long period time that you experience a disability. This plan covers you for a fixed period of time, good either for 5 or 10 years, or up to age 65. This long term disability insurance may not be as popular as life insurance. But most financial experts would agree that long term disability insurance deserves to be recognized as the odds of you getting disabled is a one in five chance, and the length of disability for people between ages 35 and 65 averages about 90 days, according to the American Council of Life Insurers.

If you are concerned that an unpredictable event can drop your whole occupational and financial life down, you will most definitely need long term disability insurance. The insurance policies vary from benefits, coverage and the companies that are offering them. Once you start looking for one, you may want to scout for income protection insurance quote and prices of the plans because they can most likely give you an idea on what plan is best for you. While there are a lot of options that will be handed out to you, select on the one plan which you think will benefit you more and compensate you with the maximum percentage of your daily salary, which oftentimes run from about 50 to 60 percent depending on your policy. Meet up with a qualified financial planner so you can discuss more about the income protection insurance quotes. You can discuss how you can maintain a standard of living for your family while in a crippling health status.

Even in the simplest cliché of “prevention is better than cure”, there is no better way to cushion the debilitating effects of being handicapped on the financial aspect with long term disability insurance. You may never know when you might need it; it would even be better if you will not be able to utilize the benefits. What is important is that you have safeguarded your family from the treachery that disability can give to you.