There are several pitfalls you need to avoid when selecting suppliers for business promotion products like tshirts, logo mats, pens, etc. We venture to look at several of those. This selection of suppliers for promotional products would be happening against a background where, having made up your mind to embark on a promotional campaign, you float a tender or ask various promotional product vendors directly for quotations. The key objective here would be to hook up with the very best suppliers or, at the very least, to avoid having to work with dubious suppliers. You know, for one, that your promotional campaign is likely to be unsuccessful if you keep experiencing promotional product supply hitches. You also know that your promotional campaign is likely to be unsuccessful when the supplier you opt to work with keeps on changing prices, thus making the budgeting element difficult. Things won’t be any easier for you if the supplier you opt to work with goes out of business the very next month- forcing you to commission the whole procurement exercise again.

Ultimately, some of the pitfalls you need to avoid when selecting suppliers for business promotional products would include:

Getting hooked up with supply brokers rather than genuine suppliers. You come to realize that there are folks who advertise themselves as ‘business promotional product suppliers’ but who, in actual fact, are not in that line of business. Rather, these turn out to be folks who will get the order from you, then proceed to the genuine suppliers, buy the promotional products from them, and pass the same off as their own products. But these suppliers tend to be problematic, first of all, with respect to their pricing. They tend to keep on adjusting their prices, to ensure that they get their ‘cut’ all along. Thus where a genuine broker would have been willing to suffer a small loss to retain you as a customer, the broker won’t entertain such an idea (in case factory prices change midcourse). In any case, these middlemen are only likely to fleece you – because the cut you end up paying them is effectively money that you could have saved, by opting to work with the genuine suppliers directly.

Getting hooked up with disreputable suppliers. These are folks who have no reputation to protect, and who will therefore have no qualms about dishonoring contract terms, changing contract terms midcourse, supplying low quality merchandize and so on. You increase the probability of ending up dealing with such folks if you don’t bother to check references, or to ask for vendor reviews, before getting into binding contracts with them.

Getting hooked up with suppliers whose businesses are almost closing down. This is, in other words, an admonition against getting hooked up with suppliers whose businesses are struggling too much. At worst, such suppliers may close shop when you have paid them for the contract, and having claimed bankruptcy protection (or something else along those lines), your money would be virtually irrecoverable. In ‘better’ scenarios, these are folks who may adopt all manner of money saving strategies, causing major hitches in your project. Simply put, as in all other aspects of commerce, you are better off working with business promotion product suppliers whose enterprises are reasonably healthy.