Why Consider a Pine Dressing Table:

If you are looking at purchasing new furniture such as a pine dressing table, you have come to the right place. It is important that you select the furniture that is right for you as it will not only cost you some hard worked for money but also if the correct wood and furniture is selected, it can make your room nice and cosy. This goes for any type of furniture, not just a pine dressing table. At the end of the day, your furniture should match as well to preserve a nice theme in the room.

Let’s answer a few questions first so we can make a better choice when selecting our furniture. What is pine?

Wood can be classified into two different categories, hardwood and softwood. That does not necessarily mean that pine is soft as a wood. Rather the description is based on the tree’s foliage. Hardwood trees lose their leaves over the winter period whereas softwood trees keep their foliage throughout the whole year. Pine is one of the most common softwoods grown all over the world. It is light in colour and has very prominent grain and much darker knots than the rest of the wood. This makes it not only unique in appearance but also provides a good contrast with other type of colours in your room.

Why not Oak or Hardwood?

A lot of the time people say they favour oak as opposed to pine. Yes, pine is a soft wood as opposed to oak which is a hardwood. However, pine furniture is still very strong and durable and looks very nice. Further, it is a lot less expensive than other hardwoods such as oak, especially if you buy it unfinished, which makes it a very popular choice.

It can be painted, stained or covered in a clear coat of varnish. Pine furniture blends well with other woods, allowing the buyer to mix and match pieces. Pine furniture adds cosiness to a room, and the wood is ideal for rustic or English Country decor as an example. It is also easy to find matching other matching pieces such as a pine dressing table mirror or pine dressing table stool.

Further the colour of the pine furniture keeps bookshelves, armoires, dressers and beds from appearing heavy and stuffy. Unfinished pine furniture can be personalized by painting or stenciling, allowing  great flexibility in a child’s room. The pine dressing tables can be refinished and repainted as the children’s tastes change over the years and as they grow up. This saves you having to purchase new furniture throughout the children’s growing up days.

Getting a Good Price

Pine wood for custom-built solid pine dressing tables and pine dressing table stools furniture can be surprisingly affordable. So if you are looking at building your pine dressing table yourself, this will be a very good way of saving money. You can also purchase pine furniture such as your pine dressing table at many big-box retail stores such as IKEA or as advertised on the various Internet websites. They carry a full range of mass-produced, unfinished pine furniture pieces. The furniture will have to be put together, which can require some patience but isn’t very difficult at all.

How to Determine the Quality of Pine:

The difference of quality of pine dressing table furniture can vary widely. Even though pine is much more pliable than most hardwoods, furniture pieces can last for decades if it is built correctly and well. Knots are expected and can be attractive in a piece of furniture. Do watch out for knots that create a hole in the furniture though. Too many knots will make the piece weak and susceptible to breaking. Further, although pine is a sturdy wood, it can easily be dented and scratched. Pine will also warp when exposed to constant humidity or moisture just like other woods. Well-crafted pine will be smooth and the walls plumb.

Start looking for your pine dressing table now and find  the perfect match for you at an affordable price. For other great Money Ideas you may be interested in the Cleaning Supplies to keep your pine furniture sparkling clean.