Promotional pens are one of the many existing ways to spread brand awareness across an industry or a market. Many studies have demonstrated that brand awareness was a good marketing tool powerful enough to improve sales and thus profits. Promotional pens can be designed in a specific way to attract customers because of the feeling of familiarity that these customers will have when they see the items. Indeed, a company may decide to invest in this type of marketing technique, called low-key marketing, to inform all potential clients that a new brand is emerging and its products are available. If, for example, a newly-established business decides to apply the low-key marketing technique by offering personalized pens to a group of individuals from different fields, there are chances that some of these individuals be interrogated about those pens and so indirectly make the brand of the company known at the same time. However, personalized pens need to be unique to arouse the curiosity of those who have never seen them before.

The first thing to look at when it comes to creating personalized pens is the design of the company’s logo that will appear on the items. The logo must be original enough to be immediately recognized by those who know about the brand. The second thing to do is to elaborate a simple design for the pen. The company should choose in which style it wants the personalized pens to be, such as twist pens, retractable pens, gripper pens and refillable pens. Each one of these styles has its advantages and it is up to the company to choose what features the pens should possess.

The third thing to do is the selection of complementary colors for the pens. Pens are basically used to leave written information in a legible way. A company should then be careful in making its choice so that it do not jeopardize the primary function of the pens. The fourth thing to do is to involve a well-known firm in the manufacturing process of the personalized pens as this will undoubtedly play in favor of the company from a marketing point of view.

The final thing to do is to review the personalized pens that are delivered by the manufacturing company to see if the items have the intended look and, if so, begin to determine how to offer them to the customers of the company. Personalized pens do not always impact positively on the sales and profit of a new company. Indeed, there are many examples of businesses that tried to implement this type of marketing but were unsuccessful in achieving their goals. Brand awareness alone is not sufficient to guarantee the survival of a new firm.

When a new company enters an industry, it usually finds other firms that are already established. In this sort of scenario, the strategy of the new industry entrant is to develop techniques to steal customers from the rivals or to attract the clients that have not been captured yet by the other participants of the market. Such techniques may consist of targeting specific niches of customers or fixing very competitive prices compared to those offered by the competitors.

The finding of a targeted niche appears to be a more realistic solution for a new business as fixing competitive prices might pose financial issues in the short run. Indeed, unlike established firms, newly-founded enterprises usually do not possess a lot of funds and thus rely heavily on short-term financing to run their operating cycle. The pressure that will arise from the low prices might cause the business to close its doors. Personalized pens are a marketing tool on which no company should essentially rely on.