Some people may find the office cubicle environment depressing and not very motivating.  I tend to take a different angle when it comes to my work cubicle.  I know that this particular space is mine and that I can organize it to suit my own working habits.  I tend to be a very organized person and this is why I keep a number of organizational office items in my cubicle.  I know that if I am organized, I will work more effectively.  If I walk into a messy office in the morning it is hard for me to get motivated to start off the working day.

My desk area needs to be free and clear of clutter.  Whatever I have on my desktop is something that needs to be there.  My desk organizer consolidates a number of different office items in a very small footprint beside my computer monitor.  This compact unit stores my scissors, Post-it notes and flags, tape dispenser, pens and pencils, binder and paper clips, and staple remover.  I love it because I will always know where these office items are located and don’t have to search for them when needed.

Cubicle walls are strategically utilized in my office cubicle.  Most of my co-workers hang their family pictures on their walls, their calendar, and a few company-related documents such as a company holiday schedule.  Everything else is sitting on their desktop.  I’ve taken a little bit different route and have bought a cubicle shelf, a hanging letter tray, and wire partition trays.  So what’s so great about these office items?  What they do for me is allow me to clear the clutter off my desktop and organize them properly on my cubicle walls.  I keep important current project paperwork in the wire partition trays.  I store family pictures and small vacation items on the cubicle shelf.  The hanging letter tray is great for documents that need immediate attention but it is also large enough to store disinfecting wipes and a pressurized air canister that I use to clean out my keyboard.

A lot of office cubicle dwellers tend to neglect the power of the cubicle wall.  Let’s face it; the interior of a cubicle is small especially in comparison to a full-sized office with a door and window.  So, I made it a point to maximize the usable space in my cubicle.  The best way I to do that is to make good use of the walls.  The only real issue with a cubicle wall is that it is made of fabric.  A cubicle shelf and a hanging letter tray are special items built with steel needles that sink into the fabric of the cubicle walls.  The recommendation is not to store more than 5 pounds of items onto this type of shelf but, to me, that doesn’t appear to be a hindrance.  I can fit plenty of personal and office items onto this shelf and it holds solidly.  The wire partition trays hang from hooks that are placed on the top of the cubicle walls which works under the same principle as a cubicle coat hook.

There are ways in which you can organizationally enhance your cubicle and still have plenty of room on your desktop.  Utilize your cubicle walls effectively and buy a small desktop organizer that will consolidate your office items.  You’ll be amazed at how well you can organize your cubicle and at how effectively you can work in this space as a result.