When buying a TV you will be faced with a decision of whether to opt for a TV that is 3D capable or not. Since the introduction of 3D TVs there has been a large amount of reservations about the technology. This has been down to the added expense that comes with their purchase and also because of the lack of 3D content that was available. However the situation has improved on both these counts over the last year. However 3D TVs still only make up about ten percent of all televisions currently sold, so there is still some doubts.

If you are currently considering buying a TV and you are looking at buying a mid to high priced model then there is less reason than ever not to opt for a 3D TV. The first reason is because 3D capabilities are becoming more of a ‘standard feature’ in this price bracket. The cost of TVs in general have dropped over the last couple of years including the price of 3D TVs and if you are looking for a TV that is upwards of 40 inches in size, then you will only pay a little extra for choosing one that is 3D capable.

Next there is now more 3D content available than ever, granted it is still not prolific but there is a whole lot more than there was a couple of years ago. This situation is only set to improve as there are more 3D channels, movies, games and online content due to come online over the next year.

Finally if you are not put off by the slight extra cost of buying a 3D model, then even if you are not fully convinced at the moment, then it is still worth making the investment as once more 3D content becomes available you may regret your decision if you end up buying a non 3D capable TV. Don’t forget that all 3D TVs are still compatible with standard 2D content as normal, so even if the 3D capabilities go unused for a few months you can still take advantage of 3D if you change your mind in the future.

If you do decide to go down the 3D route, then the best 3D TVs include LG and Samsung 3D LED TV models as well as Panasonic plasma 3D TVs.