Online Van Insurance Quote

If you are looking for advice on online van insurance quotes, you have come to the right place.

Here at Money Ideas we are proud to provide free and impartial top advice based on experience on pretty much any subject somewhat related to money making ideas or saving money – loosely speaking. This ranges from insurance, such as commercial insurance or temporary car insurance to cleaning supplies or dusting a room. Which incidentally can save you quite a bit of money in the short and long run.

Anyway, when it comes to online van insurance quotes what you want to do is obviously find the best insurance for you. But what does that actually mean, the best insurance?

Well it comes down to you really. What are you looking for? Just a cheap no frills cover for your vans or cheap cover yet effective and helpful customer service that genuinely informs you of all the options and most importantly go through the exact details of the small print to ensure you actually fully understand what is and what isn’t covered in your van insurance.

I can’t stress this enough and this is really the reason why I would classify this article under money ideas. The worst thing you can do is get some online van insurance quote, think it’s pretty cheap and will do.  You take it out at let’s say £200.00 a month. You think that it will cover any driver. Yet you did not actually check this nor was it very clear in the actual policy. I mean who bothers reading the small print right?

Well wrong. In fact, let’s say you have a foreign driver that is driving your van. He gets into an accident with another vehicle. Let’s say a good middle class car, such as an Audi. The door is damaged and it will cost about £3000 to replace. No problem – that’s why you took out the insurance right?  Well there is a problem, a very big problem. The insurance does not cover a driver with a foreign licence. So now not only did you waste your £200 a month (for how many years?) but on top of that you are now liable to pay the £3000 not mentioning the damage on your van! So the total cost could well exceed £5000! Simply for missing the small print or not fully clarifying the insurance policy. That hurts.

This is actually a real live example that happened to one of my work colleagues. Worse, the driver actually also got in trouble with the police for driving without a valid insurance….enough said, you get the point.

So the moral of the story is, get as many online van insurance quotes as possible, minimum of 3 but 5 or 10 is better, and spend some time researching the company to see if they are genuine, have proper sales rep that are interested in providing you with a long term service rather than a quick sign up and do absolutely go through the small print with them to ensure you fully understand what it covers.  You will obviously need to also decide what you want the insurance policy to cover compared to the relative cost of the insurance.

The easiest and fastest way of obtaining online van insurance quotes is through the paid links right here on Money Ideas or doing a search in Google for online van insurance quote. This will give a pretty good return. Bear in mind though that the insurance companies that advertise on Google tend to be well run, established and trusted businesses. Must be, otherwise how could they afford to advertise on Google? Also Google has to ensure to a degree that companies that advertise with them are legitimate, otherwise it hurts Google in the long run.