Curious about what sort of clothes you should invest in for your little boy? Well, you will find there are three main choices, each with a unique function. The three kinds are: infant body suits, side-snap shirts, and footed sleepers. What you decide on is going to come down to a couple things. What is your baby the comfiest in? And also, what is the least troublesome to dress them in?

Children’s body suits (or “onesies” for short) are a widely used choice of newborn baby boy clothes. Onesies are basically t-shirts which cover up the bottom part of a baby. One positive about these is that they shouldn’t be that expensive wherever you find them. They should only be about $20 and that’s for ones with logos or catch phrases on them. But you have to remember that the lower limbs of your child will not be covered. In the event that your child becomes chilly easily, this will not produce enough warmth them for them to be comfortable. You may have to throw on some pants as well as one of their baby sweaters. Moreover, many people have difficulty getting the t-shirts over the heads of the little ones as they can move around a lot.

If you prefer an item which is simpler to put on, you might need to opt for side snap tee shirts. Those have the benefit of snapping, so they are much easier to get on. Although the downside to them is they leave the bottom half of the child exposed. This will mean that your infant must have on pants or their Huggies too.

As a final point, footed sleepers are also a pretty good option. Like onesies, they cover up the bottom. But they also go even further, covering up the feet in addition. What also sets these apart is that they have zippers on them, which means that getting them on the baby is a lot easier to do. The draw back is that not merely will you need to get their arms in the sleepers, you’ll have to get their legs in too. So if you have the type of baby where it can be a battle to clothe them, this can present a problem. Then again it is what you pay for in getting complete coverage.

This list isn’t intended to be the end all, be all. These are simply just some of the advantages and disadvantages of the more popular styles of newborn baby clothes. However now you’ll understand the sorts of tradeoffs you’ll be making when you buy each style.