If you are someone struggling with thinning hair, then you have probably tried all sorts of remedies to improve the thickness of your hair. There are many underlying causes of this problem such as hormones, male pattern baldness, and alopecia, but whatever the cause, hair loss can greatly undermine your self-esteem.

The Benefits of Using Nioxin Scalp Treatment
Nioxin scalp treatment products do not just target your hair but also claim to improve the condition of your scalp, improving the chances of hair growth. As a leave-in treatment, the Nioxin scalp treatment is the third step when you use their Thinning Hair Kit System. It is meant to be used after applying the cleanser and hair conditioner.

The Range of Nioxin Scalp Treatments
No matter what hair type you have, whether chemically treated hair or extremely thin, you’ll find Nioxin scalp treatment 1-6, each kit tailored for various levels of hair thinning and hair types.

So What Do Nioxon Claim about Their Products?
One of the claimed benefits of using Nioxin products is that it deep cleanses and removes DHT and sebum that tend to accumulate on your scalp. They claim that their range of products improve your scalp’s condition, so that you will eventually grow healthier and stronger hair. An excess of the hormone DHT is believed to be one of the main causes behind hair loss, however, Nioxin’s claims are a bit misleading. The truth is that only products that inhibit DHT formation can have a direct effect on your hair growth. Merely washing away the excess sebum from your scalp isn’t proven to do any good at all. Any regular shampoo will actually remove all excess DHT from the scalp too.

Do You Get Your Money’s Worth If You Buy Nioxin Scalp Treatment?
The answer completely depends on your expectations. New hair growth is pretty much out of the question – there aren’t actually any direct claims that Nioxin products are able to do this, so you may want to consider other clinically proven treatments like Finasteride (Propecia) or Minoxidil which are widely known as effective products to promote new hair growth.

However, there have been plenty of reports of Nioxin products helping to give hair extra body and a thicker appearance (possibly down to the treatment leaving a coating on the hair), so if you have thinning hair or are looking into receding hairline treatment options, it could be worth trying them out if you think extra body and fullness could give you a much needed confidence boost.