As an animal owner, you probably already know a little bit about ticks and what they are. These 8-legged creatures stick themselves onto soft areas of the skin on dogs, cats, birds, lizards, humans and tons of other animals, sucking the blood out of them for nutrients. Since these small creatures can be hard to spot and sometimes even harder to get rid of, tick control can be very difficult. The following article will cover safety measures that you must take when dealing with ticks, as well as a reference towards the most effective product to keep ticks out of your property naturally.

Ticks can do a lot more than just suck your blood – they are known to carry and transmit a wide number of dangerous and deadly diseases to animals and humans alike. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, relapsing fever, and Colorado tick fever are but a few of the diseases that have been contracted through ticks in America. When a tick bites you, they administer a natural anesthetic that keeps you from feeling anything. This allows many ticks to remain attached for weeks at a time to a human or dog without detection. Female ticks will eventually fall off their host to lay thousands of eggs on the floor, but males continue to draw blood as long as they can, growing up to 5 times in size in some cases.

Pet collars and shampoos are available for ticks, but you will very likely have a new set of ticks on your pets after their next trip outside. Ticks wait in grass and on the sides of trees, plants, fences or any other surface that a host might brush up against for them to attach themselves to. You cant get ticks out of an entire forest by yourself, but you can keep them off your property, the place where you and your pets spend the most time: Mosquito Barrier has been proven by the USDA to keep ticks out of backyard areas. It works so well that it might as well have been named Tick Barrier.

Garlic Research Labs, the makers of this unique product, developed a unique type of garlic that contains extremely high concentrations of insect repelling compounds in its liquid form, and they use only this super garlic (along with a few food-grade preservatives) to make up every bottle of Mosquito Barrier. The product is very easy to use, and spraying your property will keep ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, gnats and other pesky insects away for about a month.

The product doesnt harm bees or butterflies as long as you dont spray them directly, and it is also completely safe for birds, fish, your family and yourself. Visit the Mosquito Barrier website to learn how to use this product to keep insects out of your yard. Every purchase comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, and USDA tests conducted in Connecticut have proven that it works on both larvae and adult ticks.