Anyone who’s got a set of mukluk slippers understands that they truly are comfy. If you want to keep your feet from freezing while you’re sitting around your fireplace reading your favorite novel, they can’t be topped. But even lounging around doing nothing can result in your slippers becoming dirty. And when that happens, do you know how to clean them?

The first thing you need to do is take off one of your mukluks (because they’re so comfortable that I know you’re wearing them now!) and read what’s on its label. It’s going to give you a good picture about how your slip-ons need to be laundered. Typically, the tag’ll tell you to stick with cold water. The reason behind this is that hot water will most likely make them smaller. Anyone that’s washed their favorite shirt in the wrong temperatured water knows exactly how depressing that is! An additional thing to check out’s just what cycle it’s best to put your mukluks on on (if machine washing is going to be an acceptable way to clean them, that is). In case you’ve got it up way too high, the slippers might get ruined from being tossed around within your washing machine. So it is best to place them on a light spin cycle. Additionally, the washing liquid you use should be moderate. Clothing tends to be destroyed from harsh substances in stronger washing detergents.

Dry cleaning’s generally the best way to clean up most kinds of slippers. But you might elect to hand wash them too. A damp rag and a bit of liquid detergent’ll be the only items you will need. Do not use a powder laundry detergent since it won’t work well with the suede-style fabric found in mukluk slippers. Powder’s better for slippers with more leathery fabrics like moccasins for men. Whenever you’re set, just wash your socks and do not press too much. That is should you not wish for the socks to come loose.

Right after you’re finished, it’s advisable to air dry them. Be mindful of what area you opt to do this at. Make sure it’s not cold or humid. As a result it’s best that you stay away from your garage. A better idea might be to hang them up someplace like the bathroom. Yet another word of advice is placing some baking soda on your slippers. This way they’ll not stink when dry. It even helps in quickening the drying process.

Now, knowing the correct way to clean mukluks ought to be simple. You have to go by the recommendations of the tag. Go with everything that it says over this article in the event they contradict each other. The company produced it, so they know what is going to be most effective. For even more advice, head to Mukluk Slippers.