Mini-laptops or mini-notebook computers are those types of laptops which have smaller sizes and a light weight. These laptops are majorly for text editing and internet connection uses and are not suitable for graphics editing and computer aided design applications. Their design mainly concentrates on making them portable computing devices for constantly traveling customers. Due to this fact, most laptops in the mini-laptop category do not have certain extra features like CD drives and webcams. In order to keep them as compact and light weight as possible their displays are way too small than the usual kinds of laptops and notebook computers. Mini-laptops are well known for their mini-weight, mini-size and mini-prices.

If you wish to have a laptop to carry every where you go, mini-laptops are the best candidates for the purpose. In addition to their portability their power consumption is so low that you could use them for longer hours in remote locations. Journalists and reporters prefer them for this main purpose on their field work activities. Mini-laptops are also ideal for students because of their cheaper price and convenience to carry around from class room to class room. Well if you are convinced that mini-laptops are for you, the next questions become which models to choose and where to find them. Mini-laptops under 300 dollars are recommended here.

Brand: HP Mini
Model: 110-3530nr
Brief Description: This HP mini-notebook computer comes with 10.1 inch widescreen display. The Intel CPU of 1.66 GHz, the 250 GB hard drive and the 1 GB RAM are pretty good features for a notebook of this size. The HP Mini 110-3530nr comes with a built in camera but with out an optical drive. A 3.1 pound weight and 8.8 hours of battery life make this model the ideal machine for mini-laptops under 300.
Price tag: This mini-notebook computer is found online for just 204 USD.

Brand: Dell Inspiron
Model: Mini 10
Brief Description: The Inspiron Mini 10 has everything you want in a mobile companion and much more. Their sharp design is complete with a 10.1 inch wide screen display, excellent wireless connection features and a very light weight of 2.9 pounds. Embedded in this notebook computer are a 1GB RAM, an Intel CPU of 1.66 GHz speed, a 250 GB hard drive and a battery with extended operating hour capacity. This laptop also comes with a Windows 7 operating system, a built in camera and a wifi radio.
Price tag: This mini-notebook can be found on many online stores for less than 300 USD.

Full size laptops under 400 dollars are also available at leading retailers as the mini-laptop is best suited as a portable work station as opposed to a fully fledged all round laptop.