Success with YouTube can be a little different than other areas of marketing for many reasons, but of course it can be done. The one interesting aspect of video marketing is that most people will never use it, and that is only a good thing for those who do. So diving right in, let’s take a look at how you can whoop Google and make something good happen at YouTube

If you know anyone who is in business online, and at YouTube, then approach them with the idea of producing some videos with you. The impact is double and more powerful since you’ll be working with another YouTube user, your video will be launched on both of your channels. If you can find someone to do this, then this will be a JV of sorts and it is all about leveraging. When you land a truly excellent joint venture, it can put you on the map and over the top, instantly. If there is no compelling reason for the other person to participate, then they simply will not. So then that is what you have to do, find a way to make it worthwhile for the other user. The other benefits include gaining additional exposure and getting your name out there in your niche.

Even the slimmest of relationships will help, and you can help that along by asking and answering questions that your viewers may have. Never be shy about responding to anything that is said in the comments section.

If you want to test something, at the end of any particular video, challenge the viewer in some way and tell them to make a comment, etc. If you want to be bold, then put something anywhere or even in your videos that you want to get video replies to your videos. Look at your viewers as your own social media community, and that is what you want to create.

People that spend time on YouTube watching videos like going for variety. If you are going to engage in video marketing, then keep making videos as there is a never-ending supply of keyword phrases you can use. How much and how far you decide to take this is your decision, but there is so much good that videos can do for your business. Produce ten new niche videos each month, and then optimize them and backlink them – powerful stuff. However, keep in mind that you can’t really overdo this process and upload several videos per week, because that may annoy your viewers and make them unsubscribe from your channel.

You have more to learn and discover that will help you succeed at YouTube, so just make the effort. Learn more about online marketing and Digi Auto Links.