My younger sister is starting her own business. She loves to crochet; she learned when we were both very young. She has had quite a bit of time to practice lately, and she has made hundreds of cute things, including hats, headbands, electronic book covers, pillows…I could go on and on. She wants to make a career out of it, so she has rented a store where she can sell her goods. She has commissioned her husband to design a website for her in his free time. As her sister, I want her to succeed, so I’m offering my help to her in the form of SEO. I know enough that I can help her until she really gets on her feet, but then she will probably need to hire a company to do it for her.

For everyone that isn’t aware, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process by which websites make themselves more visible to the major search engines (think sites like Bing, Yahoo search, and Google). By becoming more visible to these search engines, these websites are also helping to increase their rankings. Most of the time SEO is done by dropping links to the website on various URLs throughout the internet. This can be tedious and time consuming work; however, the rewards for doing it well are also great. Increased visibility means increased rankings with the search engines.

Since the majority of people only click on the first four websites that appear in a search results list, increased rankings can mean a much higher rate of traffic that is being directed to the company’s website. In my sister’s case, her website will display not only a location where people can visit her locally, but it also gives them the option of buying her products online. Increased traffic to her website can mean a lot more sales for her business. One of the most important things to consider when doing SEO for a local company is maps optimization. This is a process where you visit particular websites to make sure that your business, along with its address, is listed on the site.

Maps optimization is good for a couple of reasons. First off, if you have done maps optimization correctly, then people can visit any one of those sites and will be able to locate your business. It won’t matter which site they find you on; they will be able to find the address and map for your location and will be able to buy your product. The second great thing about maps optimization is that if those sites link to your website, this can also help with your rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can increase your rankings greatly simply by making sure that your maps optimization has been done correctly.

My sister doesn’t understand this process at all, which is why I have offered to do all the work for her. I can get her started on all of the major map websites, but after that, she will need a company to take over. Most SEO companies know all of the sites that are available for map optimization; I only know a few. I can certainly give her a good start, however. My sister is extremely excited at the way that her business has already taken off. I’m excited for her, as well. It is hard to be a business owner in this day and age, but I want to make sure that my little sister has all the advantages that I can give her. For right now, maps optimization is the key to her success. Who knows what she will be able to accomplish with a little bit of help?