Transportation has been significantly re-imagined over the last decade. Cars, trucks and SUVs are no longer just vessels that transport people and cargo – now the journey is just as important as the destination. Luxury brands like Ford Lincoln have developed new technological features and driver-focused electronics that redefine mobility for today’s consumers and put more value in to what is often one of our most expensive assets. Grapevine Lincoln, a leading Lincoln dealership in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metroplex, states that technology is driving the auto industry forward. Consumers desire features that make driving fun, comfortable and safe, and vehicles like the 2012 Lincoln MKS deliver on all fronts.

The 2012 MKS is an intelligent option for Dallas Lincoln shoppers who want a terrific balance of luxury, performance and amenities. Just a few of its key features include:


SYNC offers an incredibly long list of functions and services. It incorporates voice-recognition technology to allow drivers to find and play music, request turn-by-turn directions, text and make calls virtually hands free. And that’s just for starters. Expanded SYNC functionality also now includes local Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities for tablets and laptops and a standard Operator Assist program.

Continuously Controlled Damping

The MKS is the only vehicle in its segment that offers Continuously Controlled Damping as standard equipment. The system monitors suspension settings and implements real-time adjustments to the suspension to provide a smoother ride and more controlled handling. Texas residents can experience the MKS’ sophisticated ride at their premier Lincoln dealership in Dallas.

Safety Technologies

The MKS features a wealth of innovative safety technologies like Lane Keeping Aid, Lane Keeping Alert and Collision Warning, all of which help drivers avoid common road mishaps and potential accidents. The sedan’s other standard list of equipment includes side-impact bars, seat-belt pre-tensioners, anti-lock brakes, passenger airbags, driver airbags and side airbags, among other features.

Lincoln Drive Control

This system aids to the MKS sedan’s engaging driving experience. It is an automatic system that delivers a wonderful balance of responsive handling and a smooth, refined ride. You’ll take control of the road, connecting with the environment, rather than being separated from it. This system also allows you to customize the “personality” of the MKS sedan’s performance. For example, shifting from Drive to Sport adapts the vehicles steering response, ride firmness, traction control and more.

Check out an all-American favorite. From the manufacturing lines in Chicago, the 2012 Lincoln MKS has made its way to the driveways of Texas homes. Test drive one today at Grapevine Lincoln! We have one of the best selections of new cars and SUVs in the city and our world-class service has made us a premier Lincoln dealership in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and other local cities.