Need to personalize your baby’s carseats? Invest in a car seat cover. Now, like almost all matters dealing with infants, they will get grimy and probably need tidying at some point in the future. This is why you need covers. They are simpler to wash because they’re able to be detached from the seat. But it’s important to remember before you clean them to look at the label to make sure you’re doing it right. And here are a few reasons why.

For starters, remember that infant car seat covers consist of memory foam. This is usually not recommended to be machine washed or dried because you can actually ruin the memory foam inside the seat covers. So instead, the most effective way for you to do so is to clean them with a moist washcloth (and maybe some detergent could be used too). This way, you won’t risk morphing your foam because you are going to limit the amount of water that comes in contact with it.

Should you still wish to machine launder your car seat covers, be sure you fit your coverings back onto the seat base while they are still wet. If you do not, it could lead to shrinkage, making it tougher to fit them on later. Whereas this will not likely affect the use of your cheap baby car seats it is going to save you from aggravation down the road. Trust me, it really really sucks struggling to try to get a cover that’s way too little onto a seat. And if you want to go the machine drying route, make certain to know whether or not they ought to in fact be dried inside the dryer. Because this may well result in your carseat coverings getting smaller too because heat might have the same effect on them as it does on certain types of clothing.

Last of all, washing or machine drying might remove the flame retardant substance in your covers. This stuff was made to help protect your child if any types of flames might come in contact with them. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. The flame retardant material has saved the lives of numerous babies each year. So keep that in mind as well.

So now you should know that the tags on car seat covers are actually more important than those on regular clothes. So it’s important to not only read, but to follow them as well. By simply doing so you are making certain not only that the seat cover will be easier to use, but also that it won’t be less safe for your little one.