Marquees, or the more common folding marquees, are used around the world. These advertising devices are frequently used at various outdoor events and other places in which a company may need to show off their branding or to advertise. Several marquee suppliers will let the companies place images related to their business directly onto the marquee allowing for optimum advertising.

Typically, a basic marquee consists of four poles, four different wall panels, the roof and numerous other small easy to assemble components. Located just below the roof is a valance on all sides. The full wall and half sides let observers see exactly what kind of products, services or special deals are being offered. Other marquee styles come without the half walls and simply have a wall missing to allow customers to enter the tent.

How a business makes use of their company graphics and images can make a big difference in the number of buyers it attracts. Given that the basic folding marquees have several surfaces available, a smart business owner can take the opportunity to be very creative. Certainly, the business logo should be prominently displayed along with other bright graphics that help catch a potential customer’s eye. This type of advertising goes a long way toward helping the public associate a business with its brand and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Knowing exactly where the marquee will be located is very important as well when choosing how to design the graphics. If the marquee is not going to be readily visible to passersby, then spending a lot of money on print advertising is a waste. Marquees that will be in rainy locations will require water proof materials while those in arid, hot locations will need sun protection. The strong fabrics the marquees are made of are able to withstand anything the elements throw at it, this paired with the robust steel or aluminum frames creates a robust but easily portable branding solution for your next promotional event or fair.

Many types of organizations find that advertising their events with marquees to be quite beneficial. Just as in advertising a corporation, many non-profit groups use the same principles to create brand awareness for their cause. During outdoor events, it is not uncommon to see non-profits and corporations advertising right beside each other. The portability and branding potential of marquees is what makes them a leading item in promotional advertising signs.