Before you jump into playing football there are a few things which you have to understand, namely the basics of the game. Yes, being a sport it is better that you learn these things on the field but there is nothing wrong in learning a few things by reading and understanding before deciding to throw a ball.

American football which also goes by the name gridiron football is probably the most popular sport in the United States of America. Being popular, it is the most followed and watched of all games in the country. Given this kind of attention it is not surprising to see players coming from pretty much every corner of the country. The sport has been around for a long time now and you will football athletes being among the most well paid athletes in the world. If you want in on the action, you need to learn to play this incredible sport.

The rules of the game are fairly straightforward, which explains why lots of people like playing it and even more people love watching it. The game combines hardcore physical strength with complex strategies and on the spot tactics, so whether you like mind games or old fashioned brutality, you have it plenty in this game. No sport is going to survive this long if it is not profitable and football is one of the most profitable sports in America.

Rules Of The Game

The objective of football is to score more than what the other team has scored. Every time the ball crosses what is called the ‘end zone’, points are earned. There are 4 ways of scoring the points.

  • In what is called as running play, with the ball in hand, the player runs over the line
  • Passing play involves a player passing the ball to a team mate who is already past the end zone.
  • The ball should be kicked into the goal post of the opposite team.
  • Tackling a player of the opposite team over the end zone.

Players Of The Game

Each side in the game has 11 players playing on the field at all times.  Of course, most squads usually have a team of 46 players and since any number of substitutions are made during the pauses in the game, it is highly possible that pretty much every player gets to play in each game. Also, depending on the game situation, there will be specialist players who will be called upon to implement a particular strategy. The team will have players grouped into offence, defence and specialists. If you are already thinking where you might belong, do not worry about it now. Once you start playing, you will find yourself aligning with a particular group based on your strength and weaknesses.

Football Field

The standard dimensions of a football field are 360 by 160 feet. The shape of the field is rectangular and the longer border is called side-line and the shorter boundary goes by term end-line. Just before the end-lines are goal-lines and this gap between the end-line and the goal-line is called the end zone. This is where players score points.

For every 5 yards after the goal-line, there will be parallel lines drawn which are used by players to advance the ball further and further as they keep an eye on the yard line. In most cases, football learners start by understanding how to do this.

Gameplay Duration

Every game of football finds itself made up of 4 quarters. Each quarter is made up of exactly 15 minutes and after the second quarter a half time period which lasts 12 minutes. Of course each game has a lot of breaks and time outs and it is not unlikely to find a game run up to 3 hours. In the scenario that the scores of both the teams are tied, another quarter of 15 minutes is played. Depending on the rules stipulated the game may either end with the first team to score winning or by adding more quarters till a winner emerges.

Ball Advancing

Each team when in possession of the ball gets exactly four attempts to advance the ball from 10 yards. Once they have managed to do that, they get an additional 4 attempts at advancing the ball a further 10 yards. This keeps repeating until one of them loses possession of the ball to the other team or the player reaches the end zone. Once the possession of the ball is obtained, the team which snatched the ball gets 4 attempts to advance the ball.

Dead Ball Situation

This arrives at a situation where the player with the ball is tackled and brought down. The ball then should go out of bounds and does so after touching the ground.

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