We have been playing with a lot of high quality pour over apparatus as well as techniques lately.  We’ve been trying out different grind settings, different grinders, different beans, and – perhaps most importantly – we’ve been tinkering with the method of making pour over coffee.

Why?  You ask.

Because we want to make the best pour over coffee one can possibly have.

At Project Vvlgar we were determined to understand what the key elements of making high quality coffee with a pour over coffee maker were.  That way we could create a simple system, or even just a check list, or what people actually need to know to make good coffee rather than a long, dull and dreary explanation of the process with writing so thick even a Ph.D. in coffee wouldn’t be enough to understand it.

So what did you end up doing? You ask.

We made a check list of everything you need to make good pour over coffee.  And we wasted no time, energy or words on extra junk and superfluous processes that are not critical to making the coffee.

The Method

You need to boil cold, filtered water.  It makes the best coffee.

You need the water to be as close to 200 Fahrenheit as possible, not any higher.

You need to grind your coffee the same as you would if you were making coffee in a drip pot.

You need approximately two grams of coffee for every one ounce of water.  Of course, you can adjust this to your personal preference, over at Project Vvlgar we prefer three grams of coffee per one ounce of water – but we like a good strong cup of coffee.

You need to stir the must as it filters its way into the cup.  Even just a few quick stirs as it is draining makes a HUGE difference from not stirring at all.

You need to stir the final product.  Once all the coffee has drained into the cup, stir it two or three times – this way you know that even if some of the coffee was slightly more extracted than the rest it is all dissipated and evenly distributed.

That’s it.  If you follow those instructions when you make pour over coffee at home you will be making a great cup of coffee.  We have tinkered with every possible variable (we love coffee, we play with it all day) and we find that this makes the best available pour over brew.

Happy brewing!