When you buy your next used boat, you would want to buy one that is going to be a good investment both now and in the future. There are several different ways to buy a boat, and if you want to get cheap boats, here are some advice that you should consider following.

First, you want to spend at least two or three weeks looking for a boat. This is a minimum, because finding a boat that is a great deal could take you as long as two or more months.  You can start by looking in the newspaper classified section or on Craigslist. I would go back even further though, and sort out older newspapers and listings that have already expired up to a month and a half ago.

You should also try  finding out what people are asking for their boats and how it compares to the value that their boat is really worth. You can use a value guide such as the NADA guide, to help you understand more about approximate values.

Once you are able to understand what the value is compared to the price that the owners are asking, you can compare the asking price of each boat to the value.  If you talk to a lot of sellers, chances are, you will be talking to several who are trying to avoid boat foreclosure.    If someone is trying to sell quickly to avoid having their boat repossessed, they may be more flexible in the price and the terms they are willing to accept for it. When you come to them and help them solve their problem and also keep them from not having a foreclosure permanently on their record,  they can often help you out too, by giving you a good price on the boat for sale.  There are all kinds of other reasons why people might be motivated to sell.  I have talked to people that have inherited motorhome before, and they just wanted to sell it quickly so that they could divide up their inheritance.  Getting their money quickly was more important than getting the most for their RV.  These situations are all around, so when you are talking to an owner about their boat, make sure that you learn as much about the owner as possible. This will help you know what to offer, and how much they really expect to get for the boat when they sell it.