Most people who work in the SEO industry want to get permanent backlinks in order to build up their rankings.  While seasoned pros are already aware of how to do this, newcomers may find it difficult or confusing.  These are a few tips for getting effective backlinks.

Pay for them

For those who are just starting out and unaware of how SEO works, paying for links is a viable option.  Certain web directories will ask for payment in exchange for permanent backlinks.  This is a good method for establishing a business but it is not necessarily a good way to maintain it.  Consistently paying for links can end up costing a person more money than he or she earns.  It is important that a web developer eventually teaches him or herself how to get backlinks.  This will save this individual a considerable amount of money in the long run and it will make them a more efficient navigator of the SEO realm.

Post on relevant blogs and forums

Another way to get backlinks is to consistently post on forums and blogs.  However, posts have to be of a certain quality and the blogs themselves have to be relevant to a site’s keyword.  Posting large amounts of inane content is not a good way to get permanent backlinks because these posts will eventually be discarded.  Consistently writing on other people’s forums and blogs is beneficial for both parties.  The bloggers and forum directors get more content and the posters have a way to create more backlinks to their sites.

Acquire the help of a professional service

For people new to SEO, building links can be a complicated or confusing process.  In certain instances, a link building service may need to be hired or consulted.  These types of services will know exactly how to build quality links and which websites to post on. They can also advise people on how to alter their sites so that the content is of a higher quality and the formatting is easy to navigate.  These types of services will also know how to create permanent backlinks that search engines will not discard.

The SEO industry can be a complicated one but it does not have to be.  Because the lifeblood of the industry is the creation of effective links, a person must be willing to pay for them, post on relevant blogs, or hire a professional service.  An SEO company can thrive as long as it has permanent backlinks supporting it.