Many gardeners are now growing plants indoors rather than outside as this gives them greater control over the environment the plant grows in and means they can be grown throughout the year, even during cold seasons.

One such method of growing plants indoors involves the use of a hydroponic solution rather than soil to feed the plant important nutrients and minerals it needs for growth. Growing plants within a hydroponic solution is called hydroponics and it has a number of added benefits to growing plants in soil. Firstly the plant is not afflicted with the soil borne diseases and pests that affect garden plants. Secondly growing plants in a hydroponic solution enables you to precisely control what nutrients the plant receives and when.

However there are a number of challenges to overcome if you wish to grow plants indoors. Whenever you move the plant indoors, such as in a house you have to artificially create the conditions the plant would normally require in its natural environment. This includes a correct supply of nutrients, light, heat, carbon dioxide and humidity. If anyone of these factors is incorrect the health of the plant is jeopardized and the plant can die.

When growing indoors it makes sense to keep the plants contained within a grow room or grow tent. This confined environment enables you to more easily control the environment. Adequate lighting is required and this often involves the use of a high intensity halide lights that are powerful enough to facilitate photosynthesis. Another important factor is humidity and carbon dioxide levels. The best way of controlling the humidity within a grow room is to use a hydroponic extractor fan to remove stale air from inside the grow room and draw fresh air into the grow room. Carbon dioxide is essential to plants so that they can photosynthesize and a replenishment of the air ensures that carbon dioxide levels remain as they would outside. Humidity levels that are too high can cause disease and rot. A hydroponic fan makes it possible to remove excess humidity from a grow room so that ideal conditions can be met.

Fan designs vary and some are more powerful than others. Often the power of the fan is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute and is the volume of air that can be extracted every minute.

To ensure you have the correct fan for your grow area simply divide the volume of the grow area by 3 to obtain the correct CFM. Than buy a hydroponic fan with a corresponding CFM.