There are several way in which to choose Seattle bankruptcy lawyers.  Some of these practices include listening to advise from friends and family, receiving advertising materials in the mail, or going online to find the perfect attorney for you. When filing for bankruptcy, debtors want to be advised by an attorney who is familiar and experienced with all of the “ins and outs” of bankruptcy law. Especially when you own a home or vehicle or have other valuable assets that you want to protect, you do not want your advice from a general practitioner who knows a little bit about a lot of different areas of law, but is not a bankruptcy specialist.  You should choose an attorney that you are comfortable with and feel has your best interests in mind moving forward.  The number one complaint among clients of attorneys is that attorneys do not return client calls in a timely fashion.  Therefore you want to make sure you choose somebody who is responsive to your need either through email or on the phone.

Other considerations to think about is whether your Seattle bankruptcy lawyer will be handling your case from start to finish or whether the law office utilizes support staff that will be preparing your petition.  Most people would prefer that they have one point of contact and have an attorney working on their case throughout the whole process.  Another factor for most people is the fees that are going to be charged.  Most fees in bankruptcy should be considered reasonable for the service that the attorney is providing.  There are sure to be some fees that are going to be lower than others, but you have to think about what you are getting for the fees you are paying.  Do you want somebody that is going to hold your hand through the whole process or do you want a bankruptcy mill who all they care about is getting your case filed and on to the next one who may charge a lower fee and have non lawyers working on your case.  Therefore I strongly urge you not to select an attorney based on there fees.  Further in my opinion I believe you would be better served by a small law firm where you can get the personal attention, rather than a large law firm who claims to file the most cases.  At large law firms your file could get misplaced and it could take forever to actually get your case filed.  Another factor to consider is how fast your bankruptcy case is going to take to get filed.  If you are facing a garnishment, then time is of the essence and you will want to make sure your case gets filed sooner rather than later.  Again I do not recommend larger firms if you need to get your case filed ASAP.

Attorneys can be hesitant to give you a fee quote over the phone and this is because they need to learn about your case and what they are getting themselves into.  In person appointments work best so you can get to know your attorney and they can get to know your case.