Personal assessment is a very important requirement for a person who agrees to go through paramedic or EMT training. As a member of a response team, an EMT or emergency medical technician has an important role. Because they are the first to arrive and response to any medical emergency situations, their trainings are becoming more difficult.

The definition of an EMT versus paramedic often creates confusion among many. However, once a trainee can easily differentiate and categorize one from the other, then it is just easy for him to make right decision of becoming an EMT trainee. If you are willing to undergo EMT training or even proceed to becoming a paramedic, you should gauge first yourself when it comes to abilities and your dispositions in life.

Pursuing an EMT certification needs enough preparation. Usually, a professional EMT do things that gives them so much stress within an extreme environment and if you are not up to it, then your training will be useless. As an EMT, you should always be ready to make life-and-death decisions quickly as well as prepared for the high intensity type of work for long periods of time. If you fell like this is too much for you, then this type of environment or career is not suited for you.

This job is for people who are very adventurous and can easily deal with intense situations, if you are like these people then this job might be right for you. A prospective EMT trainee feels that this job suits him or her way of life, he or she will be amazed by the contrast and dissimilarities of a paramedic and an EMT.

When just starting, all EMT trainees receive the same type of basic training. This is however subject to any changes once the training progresses and each are categorized depending on the length of training time and also to the number of classrooms available. With additional tasks and more practical exams as the lesson progresses, a trainee will eventually advance to higher level of EMT training called the EMT-paramedic from the EMT-basic category that he will be listed on. On this note, paramedic means the higher level of training with higher level of certification for those who wanted to proceed from EMT phase. Though there will be an increase in compensation and increased level of learning, it also comes with bigger responsibilities. Training requirements for each state may be different so there is a need to inquire for it once a person has enough knowledge and can make good career decisions in life.

If they want to pursue a career on a particular state, a trainee should know first the requirements on that state where he wanted to undergo training. This is because each state has their own set of requirements when it comes to hands-on classes, practice and classroom training hours. The trainee or student should enroll on this type of school. Browsing online will also present you with different program options.

Just the same, when a candidate decides to pursue his or her training online, they still need to be informed about the required specifications established by the state as it is reflected strange to obtain an EMT certification if the training was completed inline. One must have a proper training and usual skills and abilities to become successful and be an expert emergency medical technician. Whether you have undergone high levels of paramedic training or just basic EMT training, EMT assures a very constant and favorable career.